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Dov Carmel, israeli composer-arranger (b.1932)


Musical studies:      Violin, music education, composition, choral                                                            conducting.


Teaching carrier:     1954-1970 – Harey Efraim Regional High-school.

                                     1971-1995 – Music department, Oranim College of                                                 Education.

                                      Private lessons in music theory, musical arrangement.                                          

Prizes:                        1968 Acum Prize (Pentahaedron for orchestra);

                                    1971 Kibbutz Culture Prize (Caleidoscope for orchestra);

                                    Havatzelet Scholarship for the Arts (several times), and                                         other awards.


Musical style:           The musical language  of Dov Carmel is bilateral: on the                                        one hand, his choral music is influenced  by the                                                      professed israeli-mediterranean style and the music of                                        Bartok and  Kodaly.

                                     On the other hand, his instrumental works  reflect                                                 compositional trends, techniques and devices common                                        in the second half of the last century.

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